3 Things I want help on, to make 1 partition on install not 2 and restoring activatio

Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by ryouga, Apr 18, 2014.

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    Basically up to now I manually delete the bigger partition on same disc when deleting the old one then extend the 100 meg one into the larger partition of same drive.

    I assume there is a simple tool to do this for me so I dont have to bother, second part of this question is that my laptop is really strange, it has 2 sata connections and I use the 1st one not the 2nd but when I delete the partition to install windows it creates a 100 meg one a 0.0meg one and the rest of the disc, seems strange so how do I stop this?

    Second my motherboard is faulty and has a advanced tokens backup of the activation however I worry if I replace it with same motherboard will it fail activation?
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    So what you really want to do is replace your mobo and retain your activation?

    How is all the partition manipulations related to having a bad mobo? Is there something else you want to do such as reinstall the OS? Or are you just looking for a simple way to partition a hard drive?