a hard question for you guys !

Discussion in 'Windows 8' started by xinxilas, Oct 10, 2012.

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    My HD was in degradation since i bought it (that SMART message at startup)
    "Pri Master Hard Disk: S.M.A.R.T. Status BAS, Backup and replace.

    Press F1 to Resume"

    So my trick was check what was the exactly defective sectors, a and let it ranges inactive(i.e, if the defective clusters were on 2357MG, i would let the range from 0 to 5 gbs inactive).

    It worked on XP and Windows 7, no freezes at all.

    But now, windows 8 has some kind of native diagnostic that is showing sometimes, saying something is wrong with my HD and i should use another HD, and sometimes it just freezes windows 8.

    Is this a new service on windows 8? can i deactivate it?
    EDIT: When it showed up again I had the option to dont show the message again, so i did.

    I just remeber now....
    what i did was exactly what my example, My disk0 partition 1(0 gb to 4,5gb) is inactive.
    I installed Windows 8 on disk0 partition 2, and when i choosed it on Windows 8 install gui, it said it wasnt possible to install on disk 0 partition 2(but it did) because it could bring me problems(in other words).
    It can be the problem?

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    Hard drives are so expensive right now... I remember when they were priced at $50 or less.
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    In Brazil too... i bought an 2 TB Green caviar 2 years ago, for R$300 (US$ 140).
    But then Phillipinies, Taiwan, Thailand, Japan etc had this natural catastrophic's...

    I decided that after ive seen many depoiments of people using HD with this problem checked by SMART for more than 5 years...
    this is on a old notebook my moms uses... No big deal at all, and i make some backups from his pictures sometimes...

    The point(and the curiosity) is,
    Windows XP worked normally.
    Windows 7 wokred normally.
    Windows 8 is having problems.

    i deactivated the windows8 message now, lets see if it would freeze again.

    As a mini-review:
    windows 8 is really faster than windows xp / windows 7 on old PC: (Dual core, 3gb RAM).
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    Nice nick, hehe :D
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    Not a direct answer to your question, just an idea which may helps you and it's really worth trying: do a full revitalize of your HD.

    There 2 different programs available which do the same job and maybe even on the exact same way:
    1. HDD Regenerator
    2. DRevitalize

    Personally I use HDD Regenrator because it has some useful add on's.

    Those Apps doing an recovery of BAD Sectors, as long as they're not really physical, using to degausing the platter of the HD. This would be done regardless of the system used or partition('s) and even with data on the drive, which will be NOT lose by doing the job. Those process is quite long and could take more than a day for to complete, depend on size of the HD and it's NOT recommend for SSD Drives.

    Use of that Apps is highly recommend if a HD showing problems and after the first use it should be done every few weeks again for to keep the HD in good condition.

    If you like to get those Apps, send me an PM and I'll give you link for to download.
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