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    I have been using this forum for a while now, and decided to make an account a few months ago. Looks like a great community with tons of info so I decided to contribute what I can. I am currently working for a large company and am leading a team of repair techs. We repair all types of electronics from computers to home theater systems to LCD TVs. I test and repair to the component level and am in charge of training new employees. When working on computers I process 75-100 per day. I am exposed to all types of computers, servers, workstations, and laptops of all types of brands. If it exists I have seen it.

    I am also the Softthinks Server Deployment Admin and create and test deployment images for all types of operating systems and brands. I deploy images on a large volume of computers daily. I mostly deploy through PXE. Right now I am mostly working with Windows XP and OSX.

    I am a skilled solderer and recently started replacing blown embedded chip sets on desktop motherboards.

    I am also skilled at removing bios locks from systems of all types and brands. I have a few tricks and eeprom activating software that I plan on sharing on the forum as soon as I get a chance to upload it.

    Don't hesitate asking me a question. As a tech I enjoy helping others. It is a learning experience for everyone.
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    Good to have an techinician here,Welcome to MDL