A Noobie in some ways, not in others. Hello and a few questions!

Discussion in 'Windows Vista' started by TheWire, Jul 26, 2009.

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    I used to code in 6502, MC68000 so this kind of thing is right up my street, been looking for another place to exercise my assembler language/machine code skills..... these bloody machines are so fast people use these lame high level languages(I always find THEM tough to understand!) but BIOS's, only a measley(lol) meg to play with.

    BTW, been reading this forum a lot and something suprises me, I just flashed the BIOS using QFlash(!).... sorry MS-DOS does not exist nowadays, what we have is a CLI enviroment inside Vista- sure I've made bootable flash drives with win98 origins but unless you boot the flash drive before Vista/XP boots it's just a CLI in Vista and these tend to be as risky as doing anything in Vista IMO.... you probably know that but so many people believe that Vista has a 'Dos' mode, and they will flash in these as an alternative to using the Windows interface(which messes up so often mainly becuase of 'from the toilet' coding). To me QFlash is a native program, stored in ROM so no worries of corruption, I always use a USB flash card so little there. To me over all the boards using the onboard flash utility have never let me down, not even a dodgy disk! If I am talking utter chit someone please tell me but tell me why on this issue, I have a P5N32-SLI-E ready for RMA(don't think they'll touch it as a few CPU pins in the socket are bent) and just got a DFI P45 back(that'll be next if this works out) real feked up memory simm(gotta send those off to OCZ to....) I have my share of accidents as I am around, inside and on-top PC's alot but touch wood I have never bricked a board from BIOS flashing.... though I thought I had a few times and it's a HORRIBLE feeling.

    For those that can solder, have surface mount tools and technique, they sell BIOS chips on a certain large marketing site for £5-£10 with2/3 day delivery for most major boards, better than a 4 week wait(the DFI took 6 weeks before I got a new one, the Asus, I dread to think... long, long, long time). If your REAL good or have one of those solder presses I can put a few beer tokens your way for services rendered to my Asus P5N32E-SLI:)

    Back to my mobo, I think everything went well, .I flashed the F9 BIOS as I have a nice overclock on this exact BIOS and it still works fine(of course I went to default at the time). I had been using VistaLoader2 on Vista 32 Ultimate Edition. I think I should have deleted the old Vista off as when using a utility it said I only has 28days left, I just wanted to keep my program; academic now as very soon I will be going Vista64/Windows7 64(RTM build 7600) so much of them will have issues.

    So I used Voaktools(sp.) to attempt to rid my machine of all loaders and whatever else I had so as to purge Vista of it's Dellness and all other remnants of Windows. Now hears the funny thing, the whole thing went perfect. After repeated attempts at getting rid of all cracks(the Loader) with both Voaktools and manually, then using the same tool to put odd values in my OEM certifaction and whatever else I was going to make good again with Asus info, several reboots, I SLMGR.VBS'd my Asus certificate and my ultimate number.

    It seems ok, I just did a load of updates(pointless.... as the 64 thing is hours away... but I could do with the practise with any weird issues involving errors from this 'Hard' patching) and so far it just says that Windows is Activated. I have no clue to finding out if I've been succesfull. What I do know is that Dell logo are still there and certain lines of info have been xxxx'd out like phone number, etc. I have not done much but am yet to see any mention of Asus except in the binary images of the Bios and when I put the certificate in a Hex editor. Well, everything seems to be where it has to be, so I'm hoping. If anyone knows a sure fire sign it is/isn't working(within the next 28 days!) I would love to know.
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    Well If it says you have activated it then it is.
    As for Dell logo still showing up well you just changed a bit of code. You did not change the branding of the OS.
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    I agree about the activation. I do not know a good way to tell the source of the activation. We can be reasonably sure of the bios having a SLIC. The logos are probably left over from the activator. ORBIT30 has a tool, toolbox 1.6 is the one I tested, and it will remove the branding also.

    The branding is done with reg values as well as .bmp and links to them via .xml files. Use the tool to remove that if it bothers you..:D
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    Jul 26, 2009
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    Thanks guys, I waas just working that all out! I love Orbit30's tools! Getting Windows 7 RTM 7600.16385 AIO DVD (32 and 64 bit/for me!) , I think he had a hand in that somehow, apparently best release yet and I also loosely hear last release of Windows 7).

    Well, speaking of Orbit30, proof of activation, time for some random screenies I was doing to prove you could get a pair of XMS2 PC-6400(2*1Gig) to 1000Mhz on sstock timings and staying within 2.2V.... well I NEARLY proved it, got so close.... if I pushed another .10V through them.... I wonder;) JUST LOOK at Intel Burn Test Results, put it in Max settings for 20 FLOPS and EVERY result was the same, EVERY ONE. A lot of people with non OC'd machines get some variance..... actuallly I am going to post that at another forum as I think it's a record.... anyway, I guess by this time I was convinced beyond any doubt all had went well. BTW, theres really not too much M$ can so about this right now is there? They can hope that people are put off by the semi technical/risky nature of the procedure or they'll have to start sending OS out for customers to install(or 'enigineers', lol). And Windows 8(it is 8 the forthcoming one isnt it or is it 7 retail?.... sorry I got in the middle of a weird arguement about this subject well out my depth.


    I am intrested in writing custom BIOSes as they would be REALLY usefull in some overclocking applications. With PC's though I am clueless about programming. What are BIOS's generally written in, it almost seems llike a little programming to collect data and a lot of data to collect. Of course a lot of other things like testing devices, etc keeping to spec sheets and so on. I saw a good long read on BIOS's somewhere on this site, I will read it when I get a mo!

    Thanks for the site, the info, I will be coming here to learn lots, who knows one day maybe contribute something, my first love to OC'ing is coding and my Amiga is REALLY showing it's age! It would be great to write some custom BIOS's for NVidea gfx cards as I am sure there memory can go way further with a little help, and if I goto ATI there is no end of good things that can happen out of custom BIOS's I am told. Oh yeah, I don't particually like that over rich company M$ making money on products that are seemingly ill tested and is so acted on, even working fine I really feel that the money they charge for their products is outrageous, especially considering economies of scales. I deeply feel commited to let anyone who wishes to try a M$ product do so without forcing them to fork out £140+ on an OS. I hope they just remember to help someone else who needs their help in something, so ultimatley it all means more than just another £140 of peoples money in his already overfilled pockets.... the M$ man!

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