A-Z of Spy-proofing Windows 10

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    Disgusted by new spying measures, I am hoping to set up a repository here, collating everything that a user can do, to make his or her Windows 10 machine as anonymous as possible.

    I'll start with the obvious, generic steps:

    • If you can afford to spare USD 20 per month, subscribe to a service that offers VPN, web proxy, torrent proxy.
    • Set up TOR or similar anonymizing service on your PC.
    • Use a combination of OpenVPN, Foxyproxy and TOR Vidalia to enable your PC to effortlessly shift IP like a chameleon shifts his skin.. All this is documented elsewhere. That way they can't track you easily via IP, since you use multiple.
    • Use a Cookie manager to regularly clean your cookies, including flash cookies, DOM objects etc. Advanced cookie cleaners lets you whitelist cookies you want to keep. That way they can't track you easily via cookies.
    • Don't use the same user name and email address when you sign up to online forums etc. This data is sweeped up and can be cross referenced. NSA has a specific program for this, per Snowden.
    • Ensure your Microsoft account email / name is not used for anything else than running your machine, and that the account name is not based on your real name. Use a fun or fantasy name, or a very generic nick.

    What are the next steps to do, specific for Windows 10?

    Let's just throw everything anyone can think of in here, a categorise it later!

    Yes - we all get that Linux is a better option. For top terrorists and pedophiles, there are ways and means regardless of precautions taken. This is simply to stay off the radar, for regular people.

    Even if you trust your government today, and don't have a thing to hide for anyone: You can never know who'll run your country in five or ten years! You do not know what will be done with the information collected today. Governments go bad. They get overturned. It can happen anywhere. You may be falsely accused of a crime and have forensic police fine-comb everything they can find about you online; with media hot on their heels. By the time they realise you were innocent, your life is destroyed. You could become famous and get targetted by blackmailing hackers. The possibilities are endless. Better safe than sorry.
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