Accessing the shared resource on the XP from Windows 7

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    I have two networked computers belonging to the same workgroup: one with Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 64-bit and the other with Windows XP Pro SP3.

    On the XP computer, I shared a folder allowing only the access to the Administrators group.

    Now, from Windows 7, I can see this shared folder, but when I try to use it, the no authorization message is displayed.

    Why the Login window is not displayed?

    In the first image, you'll see the permissions of the shared folder on the XP computer:


    While, in the following images, you'll see what is displayed on the Windows 7 computer when I try to access the shared folder:




    Where I'm wrong?


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    yea that's weird, i tried to reproduce the situation but all worked
    at the very first connexion, i had the login box
    i could only reproduce the error by removing all NTFS rights on the folder, or remove the sharing access group

    on windows 7, try to remove the login infos to the server by going in the credential manager (control /name Microsoft.CredentialManager) and remove it from the list
    if you got nothing related to the server, yea there is a probleme in another level
    did you try to disable the firewall on windows XP?
    or maybe another firewall running on ur station

    did you checked if the account you're using is in the admin group?
    did you check the NTFS rights on the folder in the server?