Acer AO531H Not needed Bios Mod anymore :)

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    Hello. Dont know if this is relevant or where to put it. But i was a few month ago seeking af bios mod for this Computer, and i was told by the people from here who doing a excellent work he didnt know this bios and couldnt modified it to Slic 2.1 - But here is the good news .. I have seeing the computer was supporting and ship with Windows 7 lately and believe this also could be possible for people with XP installed sometime soon , especially because it is activated with slic and not the normal XP Activation and believe this way there should be a Bios Upgrade soon.

    And yes last week there was the latest bios cant remember the exact version but anyway i upgrade the bios, and actually i had try to install cert and Acer Ultimate Win 7 Key a few weeks before just to try. But it didnt activate. But after i installed this bios version it was actually got activated first boot after upgrade of bios and i couldnt believe it , and actually want to see if the slic dumptoolkit could read it as a slic 2.1 and it could :) So now actually "Acer" have made all the work :D .. So other have this notebook and wouldnt like me actually go 100 % Windows 7 because they dont want to lose there boot sector for the D2D recovery zone even it could be backed up before install a Bootloader .. but im not fan of bootloaders so have just going with the dual boot and install win 7 on logical disk so i didnt lose or got the bootsector modified under installation.

    But install Latest Bios :

    i Had installed the 3.207 Version but there was release in mid november -

    This one is actually release 2 days ago , this one i havent installed so i dont know if it maybe "correct" some thing