acer aspire e1-522-3884 asking for bios password

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    a friend of mine ask if I would take windows 8 off of his laptop and put windows 7 on it.
    when I try to get to the bios to change the settings I get the message asking for the password.
    he never put any password on this. so I think its from acer. how do I get around this. or is it possibleo_O
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    Acer by default does not put a password on the BIOs, nor on the HHD.
    and if your friends computer came as OEM 8.1 the BIOS is set to not allow Windows 7. infact backwards to Windows 8. might be super hard..
    since most say OEM 8.1 and there is NO BACKWARDS unless you VOID all warranty.
    since your system from Acer came with Windows 7. Im sure your friend or whom ever it was obtaind from put a password in.
    You might DL the latest BIOS and see if you can FLASH the BIOS and that should (I think) reset the BIOS.