Acer Aspire E5-421G - Enable VT / Crippled BIOS

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    Sep 12, 2014
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    In a hurry I purchased a new cheap Acer Aspire laptop E5-421G AMD/ATI laptop, the BIOS is crippled in that it shows very few configurable option, critically there is no option to enable virtualization which I desperately require. BIOS I believe is Insyde H2O Bios Ive upated to 1.06 per Acer site, and the BIOS screen shows rev 3.7

    Im comfortable enough to change efivars via ghex as noted in another thread, however changing 0x21b and 0x21c to 1 didnt enable the hidden menu. I suspect this is a later BIOS. Can anyone help determine the locations to enable vt (or rather the AMD equiv, the CPU does support it)?

    I have managed to grab the fd file, but now Im at a lose of what to do
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    Any help would be greatly appreciated, a newbie here! Thanks :)