Acer Z5801

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    Aug 30, 2023
    Hello all! Hoping that someone can point me in a direction that makes sense. Very new to doing anything like this so please forgive the questions!

    I have an Acer Z5801 AIO. Motherboard has a LGA 1155 socket and I figured that I could stick an Ivy Bridge processor (Specifically I7-3770K). Plugged her in, hit power and.....nothing. Fans spun, processor warmed up and then power was killed. Found out Ivy Bridge is not supported by the BIOS. So in my ADHD way, I thought "Hey, that just means an update, right?" Nope, long story short (and after discussing with one person at, nothing supports those chips. So, here's my question: Since I know its possible to adapt a BIOS from a similar Motherboard, why couldn't the processor be added to the current MB? Any thoughts?