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    Aug 14, 2009
    Okay, I ran through the entire installation process again as a dual-boot. Everything installed correctly, is set up as follows and Windows 7 ran perfectly fine. To make sure that the next restart didn't screw up I decided to just restart my entire system without trying to install the loader. Low and behold a boot screen came up given me 30 seconds to choose which operating system I wanted to boot into just like I figured it would all along. So I start feeling good about myself like I finally figured it out but then comes the loader. I clicked on that bios button and select the certificate and keys for the gateway (there are three different options... Gateway, Gatewayv1, and Gatewayv2 or something like that). How do I know which one to select? Anyways, it says that those keys get installed successfully and then I click on activate Windows, my computer thinks for a minute and then pops up the confirmation and it says to check the status. Well, the status doesn't change. It still says I have 30 days left. And then for some reason the activate Windows button turns into an install loader 7 so then I click that thinking that is part of the process and that pops up with a series of errors that I have read are common and just to click ignore on them. On the final click of the errors it says my computer will now restart and then that puts me back at the emergency recovery screen after reboot. So I'm thinking my system is installing fine but the activation process I am trying is not working or I'm doing it wrong. If that makes any sense to anyone please let me know what I need to do. What loader works best? I have the orbit hazam ones.
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    Aug 1, 2009
    Last I checked, you have to either choose BIOS or Loader (kind of beforehand), but not both, so, unless you have modded your BIOS, don't choose a BIOS brand, that will install the certificate, but not the BIOS "emulator", install the loader and be happy...unless you have an HP or Dell...which seems to be the great nemesis of a number of posters here that don't know there's a search button that will thell them they're screwed for buying retail crap.