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    activity is android components to determine what is app will to do

    for example login on google facebook etc etc

    developer need add activity code to manifest.xlm and need to declare is exportable flagged as true or false

    example code template please Modify it at your own risk:
    <manifest ... >
    <application ... >
    <activity android:name=".ExampleActivity" />
    </application ... >
    </manifest >

    and here is flag to declare exportable activity:
    (replace value with true / false)

    This value is determine do third party app is allowed to launch this activity or not

    false mean not
    true mean yes

    to launch non exported activity is simply using su (Root) privilege
    (yes unfortunately ADB can't launch non exported activity)
    non rooted user usually cannot launch non exported activity but here is bug
    by installing target app inside virtual enviroment like blackbox you can launch non exported activity without root
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