Add raid driver to win8.1 iso?

Discussion in 'Windows 8' started by -HITMAN-, May 18, 2014.

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    I'm currently working on a personal win8.1 proWMC iso and need some help as to where to add drivers, so that when I do a clean install, windows has already loaded in my marvell controller driver and my raid drive is correctly detected ready to install windows to?

    I have used /add driver to the install.wim index:1 but this has not worked and I find I have to still manually install my marvell raid drivers via a usb stick.

    Do I need to use /add drivers to boot.wim and both index:1 and index:2

    (note my system is not UEFI)

    Thanks for any help!
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    Feb 17, 2014
    Windows 8/8.1/8.1U1 detects the raid0 on one of my computers SB750 chipset right out of the box without any driver needed, did you try to run setup and see if it detects your raid array?
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