adding dropdown menu for radioup to change channels

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    Try to add a radio to my site from html code to play a certain channel but would like to add dropdown menu so peeps can change channel for everyone likes different music. Here is code for player...
    and here is the code I am trying to add but something isnt correct or maybe I dont know where to put it exactly...
    I really would be greatful if anyone can at least point me in the right direction...thank you in adv. :worthy:

    I have gotton a lil shows dropdown but I cant figure out how to add source so it will play another is the code I have so far...
    If I remove the Src= the radio wont play anything so a lil confused can I make it take the choosen one from drop down menu? Also where would I add each source url as well?

    I finally got it working after many hrs of trial and error. Thanks anyways. Have a good day.