adding files to a virtual floppy in VMWARE/Virtual box with Winimage

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    Jul 20, 2011
    im trying to do an autounattend virtually, ive been creating the floppys in winimage and adding the autounattend that way.

    is there a way to add files to floppy's pre boot/installation without using 3rd party software?

    when booting with the winimage floppy i get a this:

    Disk formatted with winimage
    see w inimage .com
    bootsector from C.H Hochstatter

    no system disk. Booting from hardisk
    cannot load from harddisk

    So i just choose to boot from then boots but it wont recognize my unattend file and goes to manual setup
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    Why make the floppy bootable?
    Just attach the floppy image in the VM and boot from cd/dvd, the installation will look for 'AUTOUNATTEND.XML' in floppy drive automatically

    BTW, if you are using a ISO as boot media you also can insert 'AUTOUNATTEND.XML' in the root of the ISO image
  3. blueyedsamurai

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    Jul 20, 2011
    i was going to post a pic but it wont allow until 20 posts.

    Yeh ive done exactly that, im using a OEM and AIO disk yet the answer file isnt recognized, ive made a few for both
    and they wont work/be found

    id use a usb but vmware doesn't support it with hacks