Adobe Updater permanently disabled.

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    I think I stumbled upon a fix for this incessant nagging "feature". I gave this a try and it seems to work well:

    Go to Task Scheduler and take any Adobe Update listing out.

    Go to Control Panel – Folder Options – View – Show hidden folder (halfway down the options screen) Enable and hit OK.

    Go to C: users / (user name) / AppData / Local / Adobe / AAMUpdater / 1.0

    Right click and edit AdobeUpdaterPrefs.dat with notepad as follows:

    Edit / search for "lastdatecheck" and change the year immediately following to a date in the future ( I used 2020)



    Right Click AdobeupdaterPrefs.dat – properties and change to read only and save.

    Close all folders and change Folder Options setting if you’d like.

    The file used to get read and updated every time the updater started and now it no longer does and thinks its set till 2020.
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    That's been bugging me as well, nice find, thx for sharing, worked like a charm.