Advice For Recovery Windows 7 on Lenovo

Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by phukme, Nov 11, 2009.

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    Aug 10, 2009
    After a fair bit of research this forum; initially because I saw a request for a Hewlett Packard restore image of Windows 7 (wanting to load the image on my HP Pavilion DV9500 instead of stock Vista Home Premium) I came across a Lenovo image called <LENOVO_WIN7_HP_32_EN_US_RDVD>

    I figured that I could use that image to do the same thing to my R50e laptop (which is credited on the Lenovo website as a suitable supported unit for their latest ThinkVantage(TM) Rescue and Recovery(TM) - version 4.30.0027). I figured I could use that to ultimately install 7 and get rid of the XP Home.

    So I've downloaded the iso - but I need help so that I can split the image/files into CD size data that can be sequentially loaded onto my R50e (as it does not have a DVD drive, only a CD Rom) in order to install the OS from CDs. DO I use Winrar to split the iso into 700mb rars, then extract each rar to a folder and burn the files in each folder to each CD?

    Please, anyone with experience in similar problem, can you help??

    AND..... has anyone linked that Hewlett Packard recovery image yet ????