Aero Glass for Windows 8.1. How to make Win 8.1 window frames just like windows 7.

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    After 3 days of rigorous searching through the various internet forums I found how to make Windows 8.1 frames look exactly like Windows 7. I installed Win 8.1 on VMware and tested my self. Results are awesome. I have attached images of the results. Just follow the steps & you'll be in the clear.

    1. Install BigMuscle AeroGlass for windows 8.1. v1.2.5 (this is the version I used) to C:\ drive root only.
    Do not change the path in the installer. Install as it is to C:\AeroGlass. Don't forget to tick "Install glass shiny atlas resource".

    2.Setting up Aero Glass ThemeAtlas file. This is the most important!!!

    go to the following

    use the 3rd post from the top by "infinality". From the two theme atlas files, use the one named
    "post-383443-0-34934800-1383873674" (save both atlas files to your computer.)

    Create a folder named ThemeAtlas inside the C:\AeroGlass directory and paste the .png image named
    "post-383443-0-34934800-1383873674" to that directory. It is also ok if you just paste it to C:\AeroGlass directory.

    Right click the desktop and click personalize and click the "color" options and choose a color & reduce the color intensity to 0.

    3. Configuring AeroGlass UI.

    Open BigMuscle AeroGlass GUI as admin.
    get the tool from here - Testing version of GUI application to modify Aero Glass parameters - h**p://w*

    Themes & appearance settings.

    tick--theme atlas image---& browse for the Theme Atlas file that was set in step 2 above. Click save. Now your windows border and buttons should change. The window frame borders will have white color around them which gives out a glowing effect. This is the thing missing in most of the themes and other atlas files without which you cannot make win 8.1 window frames & borders look exactly like windows 7. (I think.......;))

    4. Appearance section, move the slider to put--blur effect radius to 3/4 or your preference.

    5. Put--Glass geometry radius--to--Win7 Style or your preference.

    6. put--Caption glow effect mode--to--Use atlas image or your preference.

    7. Caption color--Black or your preference.

    8. On the Glass Color tab adjust the settings to your preference by moving the sliders to
    change colors & effects of the window borders and save and exit.


    Now your Windows 8.1 windows looks just like the windows of windows 7 except for round edges.

    P:S; The only thing I noticed that does not work properly here & there is the white background behind the title bar text of windows, which doesn't matter mostly.

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