After bios mod, Asus 7600 video card dead

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    I have found nothing of similar problem in the forum, so I open a new thread.

    Yesterday I have successfully modded the bios of a Gigabyte GA-K8VM800M rev. 1.0 with WinXP (bios rel. F8, used Awardtool v1.18, method standard SSV3, SLP HP, SLIC 2.1 HP, no mod log :(), flashed mobo with modified bios and restarted normally without problems.
    Restarted again many times, always all ok.

    This morning the PC boots until WinXP splash screen (when the scrolling horizontal bar starts), then freeze. :confused:
    I tried many times with the same results.
    I removed the Asus 7600 video card (the mb has an one integrated) and the PC starts normally, used few hours without any problem.

    May a mod bios flash damage the AGP video card?
    Between the two things, may be any relationship?
    Or simply I must re-install the SO?

    I haven't yet tested Windows7 on that PC to verify the slic activation, I will report in the forum the results.

    Sorry for my english.

    Thanks in advance.


    I tested the video card in another system, it works fine in vga standard, but when I install the drivers and switch in high resolution (1024*768), the system freeze and the card becomes very hot.
    I think there is nothing to do, but to buy a new video card. :(

    Anyway, it's very strange that a video card "wait" a bios mod flash to die ....