aLL- ACER BIOS UNLOCKED HIDDEN MENUS and compatibles from other vendors.

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    This thread is intended to compile a list of all the Acer bios' which had hidden menus and where successfully unlocked
    post with information like this please.

    -.-Bios Version:
    -.-SLIC Version:
    -.-Motherboard Manufacturer:
    -.-Link to Modded Bios: (if possible a link to the modded bios for download it may help a lot of users stop posting for a mod request when one is not needed.(if there is a link please give a small description of any errors that had happen after the flashing with it only if related to the Bios mod))
    if it is from a different vendor but is modded and is compatible please post and post with which mother board it is compatible or model of computer.
    mediafire would be great for the files (i think it is not blocked in any country) (sorry i was not allowed to most a link to mediafire but ill post it as soon a i can, in the mean while [www . mediafire . com] )

    thanks for your help.

    this is for all acer aspire 5552 series including g and none

    -.-Bios Version:2.12
    -.-SLIC Version:2.1
    -.-Motherboard Manufacturer:acer
    -.-Model:5552 "g" & "none g"
    -.-Link to Modded Bios: http ://www . mediafire . com/?5vicnay73vcbhkw (sorry about the broken link i am still not able to post links to anything i think.