Amilo 2530 -Phoenix BIos - Intel AHCI PCI .Rom Disappearing Drive.

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    Hi, I have this issue with my SATA drive and BIOS where my drive keeps disappearing from the BIOS,since this is my primary drive its a pain in the neck for sure.It all started by a simple BIOS upgrade after deciding it was time to upgrade my BIOS to newer version Ver1.15 since I had been using ver1.11c without any problems.(If it ain't broken don't try to fix it comes to mindo_O)
    That's when my SATA drive started disappearing and it sometimes for 3 or more days or until I reflash the BIOS,

    What did I do wrong? I used winphlash in its default state without tinkering with any Advanced settings.I falshed only with BIOS.WPH provided nothing else was included in the package anyways.The Bios by default doesn't have the menus to change between AHCI and IDE(guess need to MOD that too....)

    My SATA drive is a Western Digital Drive WDC WD1600BEVS-07RST0 did some googling and found out that Fujitsu Siemens bioses sometimes can't see specific models of WD drives. Other Amilo Models have their fixes for this but this AMilo 2530 model doesn't have a fix.What gives?

    Is updating the IntelAHCIROM to Intel_AHCI_ROM_v1.20E going to do the trick?
    How do I add support for this specific drive into the BIOS?

    Was checking for tutorials on how to add PCI rom info to Phoenix Bioses but ended up empty handed, since CBROM can't open my BIOS.WPH what can I use for the job?

    A Tutorial would be fine don't want to bug the modder's with this urgent BIOS MOD request

    Ps: S.M.A.R.T info shows the drive as healthy,did scans on it and all the scans came out clean without a single bad sector or error. I used various tools including HDTune and get the same Positive Result.

    Need your help guys before my HD disappears again

    Thanks in Advance.:worthy:
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    I have a similar problem with my updated oprom and disappearing drives or drives not visible or sata port not visible. I don't have any problems with my original bios but I want to try this update. Anyway you can use Phoenix Bios Editor to open the bios. First of you must extract the platform.bin from the .wph file. Use an hex editor and move to the end of the file to location 2048 kb. The rest of the file about 6 kb contains the platform.bin. Extract this bits so then you have 2 files the rom.wph (2048 kb) and the platform.bin (6 kb). You can now modify the bios rom with PBE or PMT. When your are finished in building the bios you need to re-add the platform.bin to your file. It's need to flash the file with phlash16 or phlash17. But before you try this check the crisis recovery procedure firstly. It's very likely you make an error and then brick the device.
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    Thanks for the reply and the tutorial, I will give it a go.

    Yes I have a recovery flash drive ready just incase.

    For everyone having trouble finding the right recovery combination of keys to use on an Fujitsu Siemens Amilo machine use the one below(It took me ages to find this I hope this is helpful to you guys out there).


    You can only use it on the laptop keyboard, it won't work from an attached keyboard.

    Cheers Happy New Year.