Amilo PI 2515 power off suddenly after same time

Discussion in 'PC Hardware' started by gabiz_ro, Jul 12, 2010.

  1. gabiz_ro

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    Feb 2, 2010
    Hello all
    I have one Amilo PI 2515,received with damaged cpu fan.
    I replace fan(not Fujitsu original one),and clean old thermal paste and put new AS5.
    Since I encountered problems and fan was not starting (maybe because was not need,cpu is not warm too much) I take power for fan from usb so now fan is always on and at max rpm.
    I leave two wires still connected to fan socket (black-gnd,yellow-rpm sensor) only red is connected to +5V from usb socket.
    Problem is that always notebook power off at very some time.
    I did some test,with a little human error about timing.
    From powering on until shut down is around 3 minutes and
    16-17 seconds in any cases.

    Power on enter bios:
    3:17.8 -shutdown
    3:17.6 -shutdown
    3:17.0 -shutdown

    Power on run memtest from cd
    3:16.6 -shutdown
    3:17.9 -shutdown
    3:16.2 -shutdown

    Power on boot linux
    3:17.9 -shut down
    3:17.5 -shut down
    3:17.1 -shut down

    I have already loaded defaults from bios,upgraded bios to newest version from support leave motherboard without bios backup battery for some time but problem persist.
    I can't measure cpu temp but is cool enough in my opinion and compared to another notebook seems lower than 60 celsius.
    Anybody have some ideas what can I do next?
  2. alextheg

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    Jan 7, 2009
    The ground wire is there for a reason, why dont you have this connected ? I suggest using a more suitable fan replacement with the cables connected correctly. Are the temp sensors even working correctly, could be they are malfunctioning causing shutdown. Failing that it could also be a power problem with some part of your board :(
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