An easy way to update modded BIOS for HP/Compaq PCs, no extra tools needed

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    Dec 8, 2009
    An easy way to update modded BIOS for HP/Compaq PCs, no extra tools needed if you can find corresponding BIOS update on

    In most cases, you will find BIOS update for Vista from, that has SLIC2.0.

    When your BIOS has been modded by's experts, you would have a modded BIOS file, I call it newBIOS.slic21 in following steps.

    1, I suggest to uninstall all kinds of Loader first. Actually I do not know if the loaders interfere BIOS update, I just want to eleminate potential problems

    2, Download BIOS update from, normally it looks like sp12345.exe

    3, Close all applications, run sp12345.exe mentioned in step 2.

    4, you will see the windows "SP12345 - InstallShield Wizard", click "Next"

    5, The window "License Agreement" appears, select "I accept ...", click "Next"

    6, It extracts some files, a short while later, you will see "Windows Base BIOS Update" window, do NOT click on "OK"

    7, Go to the folder "C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\Temp", you will see a sub folder which is similar to "pftC87E.tmp", open it, there are some files, including "AFUWin.exe", "BEN5.32".

    8, open the folder where "newBIOS.slic21" is located, rename it to "BEN5.32", copy it to the folder "pftC87E.tmp" to overwrite official BIOS.

    9, close you windows explorers, go back to the "Windows Base BIOS Update", and click on "OK", then click on "Yes" in next window

    10, A little moment later, BIOS update is done, you just need to restart your PC and verify. (if you have downloaded a wrong official BIOS, it will not update BIOS)

    I update my BIOS successfully, I tested and it says CLIC2.1 now, I have not installed Win7 yet, but I will soon.

    Here I want to say "Thanks" to "kumeipark", who modded my BIOS.