an iTouch? finally upgrade from Palm OS?

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    I use an ancient Palm Treo 650 (as a PDA, no phone service). I use the calendar for scheduling, Quicken for Palm for my finances, and I play chess on it. The thing just doesn't sync with my Win 7/ 64-bit PC. I have to reboot into Win XP (on this dual boot machine).

    I'm considering getting an iPod Touch 3rd Generation (or maybe 4th). I've never owned an Apple product. At one point I was turned off by iTouch because they don't play OGG files and about half of my music collection is in OGG. However, I learned that there is an app you can download for it that enables it to play OGG.

    The issue is the calendar. Unlike Palm, it doesn't come with a Windows-based calendar program to sync it with. Apple assumes you'll want to sync it with Outlook, but I loathe Outlook. I looked into a great app named iCal and was getting all excited about it, but turns out it supports iPhone/iTouch and Macintosh computers, but not Windows or Linux. Annoying. I googled and learned that it's possible to sync iTouch calendars with AnyTime Organizer and Mozilla Sunbird. AnyTime's a terrific program that I've tried. However, it's syncing with Palm OS was abysmal. And Sunbird is in version 1.0 Beta. Scary. Does anyone know what calendar app I should use with an iTouch and Windows 7 machine? Nuke Outlook -- I hate it. If AnyTime syncs well, I'd be happy to use that.

    My music PC is an Ubuntu Linux one with Amarok. I'm hoping to be able to use it to handle my music with the iTouch and never, ever have to install iTunes on my Win 7 PC (or on my Linux one with WINE -- that's a scary thought).

    Or perhaps this Apple product just isn't right for a Windows/Linux user like myself. Maybe I'd be better off with something Android based like an EVO? I want a PDA, not a phone, but I could conceivably just use an EVO phone and not put phone service on it. That's what I'm doing with the Treo 650. I'm searching and want to make the right choice. Any help is appreciated. The old Palm still runs, but it's quite obsolete.
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    Why not just go with a Android Phone? has everything you want and even replaces your current phone?
    WP7 devices would be even cheaper right now, but i don't think WP7 does support .ogg (microsoft stuff, m4a, mp3 last time i checked)
    If you don't go with "current gen" Android phone you should find a good priced Phone for the same amount of money than what you are looking for

    but if you still want to go with a iPod Touch, im sure there are enough applications for it, also alot of stuff so you can use USB filesystem like a usbstick on a ipod touch, some google should expose that stuff
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