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Discussion in 'Android' started by Pasta88, Jan 12, 2019.

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    I was wondering if someone could answer me a question in regards to android backup and restore. I am looking for a way to backup and restore appdata on my phone without root. I have tried helium but that doesnt work and hasnt been updated for a few yrs. I prefer to back it up to my PC.

    I am not sure if I even need a bkp without root as I am trying to back up my email (3rd party and stock) ringtone settings and other apps. Can I use any back up app to accomplish this or do I need an app without root?

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    AFAIK you cannot backup appdata without root (you need root to have access to files from /data/data, /data/app).

    Helium uses an approach via USB debug mode enabled, but seems to have problems with new OS versions.
    The most used backup apk for root users is Titanium backup.

    I myself refrain from making backups of appdata, though. (Although I could since I am rooted.) Because when you restore appdata coming from an older OS version to a newer version it might lead to issues.

    I backup anything manually (contacts, chats, pictures, movies, any personal files.) via MTP.
    Some of the apps I am using have an own backup feature for their settings. I copy their backup files to PC via MTP as well.
    Anything else I'd lose and would have to setup again. My SMS and my WiFi spots are lost then, also all the general phone settings are lost. My emails remain on the email account and get back to the phone after re-sync.

    I can live with that. Anything important such as pictures, chats, emails, contacts and movies I do not lose. It's a bit of work to do the entire installations and setups again....
    I only have to do that when I plan to flash the phone and make a factory reset.

    If I should lose the phone or it gets broken well then I need no backup anymore of the appdata.

    I myself have found no suitable and reliable backup app that can do all what I'd need.
    And I do not use the internal Android backup that stores the data on google clouds.

    Titanium backups too many of OS specific data, IMHO. But it's the favorite for rooted users.
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