Android System WebView Tweak

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    Android System WebView Is Tool To Display Web Content On App That Are Not A Browser

    But Yes It's Developed By Google
    Changing Android System Webview Required Rooted Phone

    But We Still Can Use Official Android System WebView And Tweak Them For Privacy Without Change Or Replace Them:

    -Phone With Android 7+
    -ADB FIle (use portable or grab from official website)
    -Understand What Is App Ops And Why Is Really Dangerous For Newbie To Change app ops

    Once You Prepare the phone and pc connected each other with ADB Enabled
    You Can Start Tweaking :)

    1. Open Up ADB Via CMD
    2. Change App Ops Permission From System Webview By Type This Command:
    cmd appops set <package_name> <app-ops> <flag>

    cmd appops set <> <app ops>
    And for app ops and (flag):
    WRITE_SMS (Deny)

    After doing these you may restart Android System WebView By Force Stop It

    And You Are Done
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