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Discussion in 'Windows 10' started by NormieLyfe, Apr 30, 2018.

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    I saw this youtube video his name is Guang Peng he offers KMS activation to users want to activate their microsoft product but I would like to ask the negative side why that shouldn't be. Are these types of services "safe" for the user's privacy and security?

    Website: *deleted
    Youtube channel: *deleted
    (I adivse not to use his method and would suggest @Addobi1406's KMS_VL_ALL instead)

    The domain he used are (as of making this thread)

    I pinged his domain and it redirected me to *deleted, which I think he does not own and this person is open to "donation" for the free service he is offering and to keep his website and the "rented" KMS server he used for his videos... I'm quite intrigue of this person, What do you think?

    TBH: I used his method of activation before I knew about this website (immediately after I learned about KMS_VL_ALL, changed me)
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    Better delete the servers, they are neither well seen here nor supported/allowed :cool2:.
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    Addobi1406's KMS_VL_ALL can be tweaked to use online kms.
    you only need '2-Activate-Local.cmd' from that folder and replace kms ip with online kms server. and you also need to delete
    IF NOT EXIST "%SystemRoot%\system32\SppExtComObjPatcher.exe" (
    echo ==== ERROR ====
    echo SppExtComObjPatcher.exe is not installed on the system.
    echo use SppExtComObjPatcher.cmd to install it first
    echo before you can use this script for auto renewal activation activation.
    echo Press any key to exit...
    pause >nul
    goto :eof

    microsoft doesnt care about activators(not original keys & kms service) offline or online (ms doesnt send letters against mdl activators is a proof of that)
    Microsoft only cares to take action against who illegally distribute 'original' keys & kms service.

    Any individual home user is safe in using online or offline kms. MS is not going to after you just bcoz you used a online kms server to activate a few machines.:cool2:
    but they go after those online servers who use legal kms as public kms, but again you are safe, bcoz going after individual users from all over the world is out of the question. they never did such things and never will.
    Actually i believe that they purposely made such easy crack-able activation service and not taking any action against such faults. looks like they think that people rather use cracked windows instead go after other alternatives. if they try to hard activation service then people would go after linux and ms may lose its kingdom in most widely used operating system.
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    Nope. The honeymoon period is over, now that Windows 10 is in most machines.
    MS has made some interesting changes in the last months, that paved the way for per-individual or per-business tailored experience (update, telemetry, subscribed content and.. activation tracking).
    I'm not saying to lose sleep over it, but don't believe for one second MS will not take action at a later time if it suits them.
    As for local 'activators' - those have been always blocked by Defender for a reason..
  5. KMS Activation method is there from win 7 and 8.1 times. and its not going to change only bcoz honeymoon period is over for 10.

    now look at ms approach how friendly they are with kms activators.
    they send letters against hosting of homebrew iso's, but they dont send any letter against hosting of activators. isnt this amazing to see whats their priorities are.

    many people think that ms use defender and bribe other av to block activators intentionally, its not true, they are blocked bcoz they try to temper system files,and in my experience defender have less warnings against various activators compared to other av. some activators are completely clean according to defender.
    also dont you think that it would make sense that if ms want to block activators then their first step would be to send letters against sites like mdl, before they start bribing other av.
    what i am trying to say is that stopping users from using kms activators isnt their priority, kms activators are their from about ten years and ms havent tried anything to secure their activation service. and from looking their approach from past i doubt that they will try to harden their activation method only bcoz they dont want individual users to use kms activated windows.
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    Nonsense. Neither KMS activators nor the Loader by Daz do tamper any system files :cool2:.
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