any experiences on "Faxing over VOIP" and/or Internet Faxing?

Discussion in 'PC Hardware' started by simon726, Dec 1, 2013.

  1. simon726

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    Nov 25, 2013
    Hey guys,

    I've decided to create this topic on asking if you and/or anyone you may know (who usually do it for business purposes or other needs) does either send/receive faxes over VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and/or either use Internet Faxing?

    The reason of this is that I have an Epson Workforce 520 all-in-one machine. It can scan, print, photocopy and even fax. It's even wireless too, meaning if I have multiple laptops, desktops and even smartphones - I can print wireless without designating a desktop computer that serves as a "print server".

    While sending (and receiving) faxes over VOIP may be common, there may be often some technical drawbacks - in terms of the "quality of service" unlike transmitting/receiving over the POTS (plain old telephone service) or even cable TV-based telephony.

    While many VOIP providers don't condone (nor endorse, nor accept) the use of faxing over VOIP services, many people often "circumvent" (getting around) that restriction.

    As for Internet Faxes, I heard that it is more convenient and even reduces waste (and environmentally friendly). I don't know how Internet Faxing works, but I heard that it is similar to sending/receiving e-mails. I don't know which is the best provider for Internet Faxing.

    Still with faxing over VOIP, The networking setup also play a role of faxing over VOIP. Many people configure their VoIP adapter in this following configuration:
    Cable/DSL modem --------> Router (or computer) -------------> VoIP ATA

    However, many VoIP providers suggest this configuration:
    Cable/DSL modem --------> VoIP ATA --------> Router (or computer)

    To summarize, what were your experiences on faxing over VOIP and/or Internet Faxing? How do you overcome the issues on it?
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    Dec 29, 2010
    I've played around a lot with VOIP/ISDN/PRI with Asterisk. You can do faxing without much trouble because almost all faxes now have ECM. The most important thing you need to worry about is which CODEC you are using. Forget GSM or G.72x. 64kbit/s uLaw works well for me, alaw works in Europe.

    The reason they suggest the ATA before your router is because the ATA will ensure that it gets the bandwidth for VOIP even if your ISP does not honor QoS. But when you are using VOIP, http and other traffic will grind to a halt or slow down a lot. It is not as noticeable if you have a very fast Internet connection.

    I hope that helps a little.