Any ifference,between activating Windows with a Retail bought key vs Bios MOD ?

Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by whitewolf573, Mar 15, 2011.

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    Well,owing to causes that are too long to tell here , i will buy a Windows 7 Home premium Retail box, to install it in my desktop pc (64 bit one).

    In that pc i will use the provided product key. So no problem at all .

    But i have a netbook , that now has Linux, but come with Windows 7 starter preinstalled.

    I want to install Windows 7 again. I can install windows 7 again via a recovery iso that samsung said me i can download and burn , to have again the Windows 7 starter and the hide recovery partition, but i would prefer not to have to burn my self the iso because i have been having problems with linux k3b burner.

    I simply prefer not to burn any iso in linux at least until solved the problem.

    So, i am thinking in use the Windows 7 home premium 32 bit retail disc, and using a external dvd writer, install windows 7 home premium in the netbook.

    Then as the bios will have SLIC already, look for a samsung certificate , and a oem home premium SLP key , and insert it in windows like show the tutorials in this forum.

    Would be any difference between using a retail bought key , and a oem SLP keys in terms of activation ?, i mean, with a OEM SLP key , and the cert, i shouldn't worry that Microsoft will know that i can't use home premium in the netbook (as i have not license for it), no ?

    Because by the moment i can't pay more than what i will pay for the retail box , and i think i prefer home premium to starter.

    So any difference between installing the windows using the provided key , or install it and then put a cert and a oem slp key, bios modding is perfectly safe, in the meaning that you will have a full valid and genuine activation (not from a legal viewpoint, but yes from a technical /activation one).

    Windows update should work fully, and all the system should work like usually , or like if have been used your bought retail key.

    As the oem slp keys , are still used by manufacturers, and Microsoft have to let use them.

    All this is because i want to install first windows in the netbook to then download all drivers and basic software for the pc , previously to install windows 7 in that pc, and i don't want to have any problem with activation issues / licenses, and have to install starter back.

    And also, i will use that netbook to download 3d and graphic design software , that is my hobby, and tutorials, i hope that Microsoft wouldn't be able to detect that you don't have a genuine windows or at least the right to use that edition.

    Perhaps i am a bit paranoid with this , but better be sure ha ha.
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    There will be absolutely no problems with activation e.c.t as you said your netbook came with windows 7 starter edition and has slic 2.1.
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    I haven't checked that has SLIC 2.1 , but as is a samsung netbook, with windows 7 preinstalled, i suppose has SLIC 2.1, but i will check it.

    So the conclusion is that there is not difference at all between a Windows 7 home premium with a bought retail key that you have introduced when asked by the installer , and a Windows 7 home premium with a Bios mod (Slic 2.1 + samsung cert + samsung OEM SLP key),as to evite bios moding and using slp keys microsoft should stop letting OEMs to use oem keys and certs, and that is likely not to hapen.
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    Don't know in which part of the world you live in but in Canada at The Source/Radioshack, they often have sales of Starter to Premium upgrades for $19.99. Other places should have similar sales I guess.