anyway of bypassing bitlocker to access files to my locked hard drive?

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    Hey guys, I had locked a hard-drive H: with bitlocker a few years ago, and had the usb stick with the file to unlock it & password written inside on a piece of paper that was inside my safe in my room.
    Long story short, I ended up getting into some trouble and the police raided my parents house and seized all my possessions.(Laptops, desktops, Personal files folders, and stuff like that)
    They said they would return it after my trial was finished. *2 years later* after it finished they finally returned most of my stuff but didn't give back my safe, papers/personal folders and few other things.
    They did return the pc with all my hds and files on there as it previously was (I THINK). Since I had bitlocker password on 1 of the HDs H:, with personal files, family photos and videos that are irreplaceable :(

    - Could they erase the files off the hard drive without knowing the bitlocker password?
    * and if not, is there a way I can bypass bitlocker to access my hard drive again??
    I could see disk management the partion was still there with 15+gig on it but was locked.

    I dont know which hard drive I used to create the password on, cause a few hds had windows7 on it, I may have even created the partition and formated that hard drive from all i know and literally only had that usb and pw as my access keys for it, but I just cant exactly remember. I tried locating the file that could have the encryption key on it, found a few on various hd's and they didnt work.., I searched for various ways to get pass bitlocker encryption and had no luck on any methods people had posted, i probably tried 10-15 different methods for days without success, so i gave up on it!.. that was a year ago, since discovering this forum im hoping maybe someone has had success in the past? or knows of any thread with a successful end result?

    Sorry for the long writeup, but im fkn noob at this sorta s**t, and really need some help if you can to get my family photos and videos back.
    Thank you.
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    No recovery key, you are out of luck.
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    What would be the point of BL if you could access files anyway?