App for viewing internal I/O traffic to the HD?

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    Oct 14, 2014
    Occasionally when I turn on my laptop the hard-drive light lights up for 10 to 15 minutes like as thought the system is trashing like mad. But when I check Process Explorer, nothing looks that unusual as far as cpu or memory usage and the system performance is not impacted.

    I'm just wondering if anyone can suggest an application that can monitor which application or process is creating the highest amount of internal traffic to the hard drive. Just call me suspicious, but I'm curious why I have all that activity happening.
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    Dec 4, 2014
    i find and have found the same thing as you with my system here. it is not a laptop though, a pc. however, it is usually only for 2-3-4 mins at most.
    xp is installed on the pc here which may explain the lesser amount of time til OS is fully operational. ur using 7 or 8?
    there's an awful lot of stuff that has to be gone thru' til the os is ''fully loaded''[XP is relatively, much smaller in it's fully loaded size]
    the flashing led is an indicator of system 'progress' also. I find it quite handy. at the least, u know the hdd is working.
    one thing I query about hdd activity is, out of the blue and without doing anything, the drive suddenly starts kickn ass and is working like a demon...for no apparent reason.:confused:
    i hazard a guess that log files are being updated, maybe files are being moved[also updated?] or something along those lines as the system is always idle when the instance happens...if I move the cursor, it stops!
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    Dec 4, 2014
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    ok. :)
    here's a thing.

    there is a folder, 'somewhere' that MS has decided shud be hidden, and more than likely many more of these folders :(
    the folder is called ''WebFolders''
    I came across the 'hidden attribute' detail as well as the 'fact' that this folder does exist at all, somewhere on the system using 'hijack this'.
    is there a means/manner of 'discovery' of such folders in that one can actually get to 'unhide' them or a programme that will do this so one can locate them and LOOK inside them.
    I wonder why this particular folder is hidden and yet, HJ found it and NO other hidden folders were found.
    EDIT: I did a search on this machine and came across the folder ['web folders'], attribute ''read only''.
    the installed Xp version[a hacked one] that had this folder hidden is on another pc.
    it may be that the hacked OS has it hidden by default/another reason. not sure why it would have it this way[hidden]
    ideas on this? also, how can one/does one find hidden folders? the setting/s to unhide files and folders is correct.

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