Aspire E1-530 black screen, needs bios flash

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    Jan 31, 2019
    hi every one.
    i cant find the .fd file to flash the bios with the recovery method

    Recovery method: Copy the file to usb fdd,or usb flash stick. DO NOT MAKE anything etc. ONLY COPY
    Remove battery, adapter (power cord) , mouse etc.
    Attach usb fdd, or usb flash stick
    Hold down <Fn> + <Esc>, At other Notebooks it's <windows> key + <B>
    Plug In the Ac Power adapter, wait about 3-5 secs
    Press the power button
    Now release the buttons.
    It took about 2-3 minutes and notebook powered down itself.......
    Then plug in the battery simply power it on.
    That’s all. Now normal screen appears and acer is alive
    LapTop model:
    - Aspire E1-530
    - MB: z5we1 la-9535p rev 1.0
    - BIOS flash download link
    : I cant post links