ASRock 775i65G R3.0 - mod and recap?

Discussion in 'PC Hardware' started by trodas, May 15, 2015.

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    Jan 22, 2008
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    Nice write-up work you have there. Instead of recapping an old mobo through some financial expenses it would be better to have something that is equal to the task at reasonable price. Soldering capacitors in those places on the table in the first post would have caused the system to over-heat. At least, one of the capacitor is about 1200 Ohms.

    What is the noise level of the new cooling fan?
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    Jan 22, 2008
    Thanks, getting ready to start replacing the caps ;) I already have higher-end machine for playing games... this is for fun, overclocking, mods and mainly to see, if I can improve the mobo overclockability and how much ;)

    BTW, these caps are nowhere near cheap. Order cost 69euro and 40euro for shipping + 20euro for tax. Yes, there are caps for other stuff too, but not that much... and still they did not have ALL the caps I desperately need, so... it is not cheap :) Also, sourcing caps is a challenge. If I have them, I would moved with the project already, but...

    You think that replacing the caps will cause overheat? Why do you think so? Mostly hi-end caps bring me lower temps instead - so we will see, who is right there :) 1200 Ohms capacitor? I did not understand at all...

    Noctua fan noise level is acceptable even at full speed, but overclocking only. At 7V it is very decent - ideal for quiet computer usage.


    My choice of caps will be as follows:

    My idea of replacement caps for the ASRock 775i65G R3.0 mainboard:
    4x Chemi-con KZG 1000uF 16V d8 -> 5x Nichicon RNU 330uF 16V (RNU1C331MDN1) (+ one empty near the PSU connector)
    5x Samxon GE 1500uF 6.3V d8 -> Nichicon LG 2200uF 2.5V (PLG0E222MDO1TD)
    1x Panasonic FL 680uF 4V d8 -> Nichicon LG 2200uF 2.5V (PLG0E222MDO1TD)
    19x OST 1000uF 6.3V d8 -> 5x Nichicon LG 2200uF 2.5V (PLG0E222MDO1TD)
    -> 11x Nichicon R5 560uF 4V (RR50G561MDN1)
    -> 3x Nichicon R5 470uF 6.3V (RR50J471MDN1KX)
    11x OST 100uF 16V d6.3 -> 8x Nichicon S8 1200uF 2.5V (RS80E122MDN1) (one empty)
    -> 4x Nichicon S8 560uF 6.3V (RS80J561MDNASQJT)
    + 11x ceramic caps on all Vcore caps + sound cap: ceramic 22uF 6.3V 1206 (JMK316AB7226MLHT)
    + 2-4x taltalpolymer caps on Vcore bottom near CPU: 470uF 2.5V (2R5TPF470M6L) - if I can fit them there somehow...
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