Asus k53SD ACPI problem

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    Sleep problem need to edit ACPI in Bios to solve it.
    my problem is after upgrade from 1 year ago from windows 7 to windows 8 .
    then i found some problem with computer function and the bios version was 205 then i upgrade bios to 208 and make clean install for windows 8 .from this moment my computer stop to make sleep in windows and Linux OS.
    when i press sleep mode button the screen go black and it seem that it going to sleep but the CPU fan still work and led tell me that notebook still work and doesn't go to sleep mode and trying to turn on computer but it doesn't work and i should force computer to shutdown then turn on again to work.this happen in Ubuntu and windows OS.I search in the web and found that problem is from the ACPI that disable some hardware to sleep.I found link that solve this problem with install Ubuntu and then add Kernel to enable ACPI in think pad notebook.
    But I wan't able to apply this method.
    Is any way or other method that make me able to solve this problem
    Manufacturer: Asus EFI Bios
    Motherboard Model:Asus K53SD-Bios revision: 208
    Bios Type: Phoenix BIOS
    Bios Download Link:
    RW Everything Report Download Link: