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  1. Pedalik

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    Jun 17, 2014
    Hi! I bought new WiFi (intel dual band wireless-ac 7260) for my notebook ASUS K56CB. It doesn't work. In windows 8.1 installation driver failed with error code 10. It seems to be a White List in BIOS. Can somebody help me? :)
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    Jun 15, 2015
    I emailed Asus technical support. I was told you can't change the atheros wifi card with an intel one. Even if it's a single band one. I am going to try anyway when the card gets delivered.
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    AFAIK, Asus doesn't put any whitelist regarding WLAN cards.
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    i read similar symptoms a few years back..
    he had to cover a few pins on pci-e wifi card.

    try to boot linux live from usb and see if it works there.

    bios updated to latest for it ?
    ver 205

    26. Re: Intel 7260 Code 10 after installing lastest drivers on win8.1 (
    Korith Jan 3, 2015 12:44 AM (in response to EdmilsonJunior)
    It's an issue with the driver intel provides and windows 8/8.1. I gave up and switched to a different card brand. If you are interested in trying a work around, I did come across this other thread which seemed to help Intel 7260 AC Wifi adapter not recognized / disabled in Sony Vaio laptop . A user in that thread, KD provided an interesting mod "Taped pin # 20 and pin # 51 on the Intel 7260 AC Wifi card, and reinstalled in system. The wireless and bluetooth functionality is now recognized. " There is a picture on the thread that points out the pins on the card. This seemed to do the trick for some folks. Another link has a picture of the card and pin 51 for bluetooth.


    27. Re: Intel 7260 Code 10 after installing lastest drivers on win8.1 (
    dpthomson Jan 17, 2015 2:04 AM (in response to Delphian)
    My AC 7260 Dual Band Wireless quit working, said can't load driver, code 10. I fought this on two occasions for hours trying newer and newer versions of driver, then someone suggested to start deleting drivers [actually rolling them back] by going to "Properties" and selecting uninstalling driver. I did this until I got driver version which then got the yellow triangle with exclamation mark removed from device driver for AC 7260, rebooted and the wireless started working. Using an AC Netgear router and getting 60+ mbps on G. No dropouts.