Asus Notebook G51Jx UEFI Bios ACPI-DSDT Extract Question

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    I am able to extract the DSDT without any issues using appropriate tools in Windows or linux.

    I like to use Everest Ultimate to extract the ACPI tables. I am using the 64 bit OS however.

    For some odd reason the Smbus script is lacking in the DSDT table?

    I wanted to try and extract the ACPI tables from the Asus Flash Rom.

    Can this be done and what tools do you recommend? Do you think the Smbus script will show up in the DSDT table using this method instead of extracting the ACPI-DSDT from a running OS?

    The other issue I have is the Bios Flash Rom does not look like a rom nor bin file when you look at the extension.

    Example rom name:


    The extension is 208? I know its the version number but how can that be an EFI file with that extension and would I need to change that extension to *.EF or equivalent to open it?

    This forum is a goldmine for learning resources on Bios/Efi from what I have viewed so far. There is still a lot to learn for me.

    I do know some scripting format and mods for the ACPI-DSDT but only at a Newbie level.

    I really don't need to mod any of the EFI modules right now, but maybe someday.

    I am just trying to get the SBUS script to show up inside the DSDT and its just not there no matter which application I use to extract the DSDT nor which OS I use.

    Its a funny thing because the DSDT for the HP Notebook dv8t PM55 chipset, Intel i7-20QM processor, does contain the Sbus script in the DSDT.

    My Asus notebook is also an intel i7-720QM processor but its a different MB chipset, HM55.

    Lavalys Everest will extract the SMbus as a seperate file but I have no idea how to incorporate that hex data into a working decompiled dst file in order to copy that script into the DSDT.dsl then eventually compile.

    Thanks for taking the time to read my post. I hope I am not way off in my questions and sorry if I am.