ASUS P8Z68 Deluxe/Gen3 Bios mod questions

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    There's a new bios out for my motherboard and I am currently using the original BIOS which was modded with SLIC 2.1. I downloaded the most current BIOS from ASUS and started to run PhoenixDell/EFI SLIC Mod V1.93. I have the SLIC file and the SLP file the Phoenix tool requires but I'm not sure what to do where it asks for the RW file. I do have RW Everything but it will show I currently have SLIC 2.1 and I'm not sure if I enter that file where it asks for the RW file, if it will affect the mod as it's not an original BIOS, I think I remember it is not necessary to enter the RW file to get a correct mod with SLIC 2.1 but I'm not sure.

    First question: Do I need to use the RW Everything report in the Phoenix tool if I have an already modded BIOS or should I leave that out?

    Also, when I downloaded the bios from ASUS!Downloads/c1wax (& manually enter my model) I got two files with the unzip: iata_cd_10.8.0.1003.exe and P8Z68-DELUXE-GEN3-ASUS-3304.ROM It was this .ROM I used with the Phoenix tool.

    My second question is about loading the newly moded BIOS with SLIC 2.1 for ASUS. What is the best way to load this BIOS into this ASUS? Do I run iata_cd_10.8.0.1003.exe and have the Phoenix moded file in that directory or does this exe already have the factory BIOS payload in it? If it has the factory .ROM inside, I'll need to know how to install it. Is the Bupdater the best way? I don't have a floppy drive.

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    make usb dos.
    use bupdater.
    was your bios mod old version Permanent DMI type ? if it was u can just flash new and slic 2.1 stays
    to make perm DMI u have to mod your bios BACKUP not the dload.
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    Hi Latin,

    I don't recall anything about a permanent DMI but when I got the moded BIOS I have, it was kindly provided by someone in the BIOS mod request thread. I don't recall anything being done with the BIOS backup so I would think it's not permanent. I could just try the ASUS bios but if 2.1 was not retained I'd have a problem.

    I should assume it's not permanent and with that I need to know what to do, if anything , with RW Everything.

    I'll look to find what I need to do to make a USB DOS.

    I'd be interested in knowing more about making the 2.1 permanent so I only have to download the new BIOS from ASUS.