Atom boards (D510MO) SLIC for Windows 7 and WHS

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    Hello. I've done some research on D510MO (Intel Atom board) and ways to activate Windows 7 and WHS... However, I didn't see one post that I could use without researching multiple times. Even after researching multiple times, I'm at a loss. I was hoping there was someone out there who could help me out.

    Motherboard: Intel D510MO

    1. I found something on a Chinese website that showed screenshots of SLIC Toolkit 3.2, but it was in Chinese and Google Translate only confused me more

    2. I saw a reference to itoolkit. I opened it up, but didn't see an easy way to add Slic info.

    3. I saw a post on mydigitallife that said it's not possible to add a slic table to D510MO BIOS

    4. I read that WHS_OEMBIOS and OEMBIOS_Changer could be used to activate WHS. I'm still not clear on how that works yet and how it will affect activation of Windows 7.

    Is anyone out there who knows all this? There must be, since this is where smart people help out those who are lost... :biggrin:

    I need to modify my BIOS and activate both Windows 7 and WHS.
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    Dec 5, 2009
    I have never been able to mod an intel BIOS sucessfully to add SLIC. So I cant say anything about activating 7 with proper BIOS mod and no loader. On the other hand your best bet at having a fully functional Windows Home Server is to go the VLK hack method here

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    Hi, i tried it on my D510MO and it works ok.
    But as it says on the Chinese wesite, you need the the newest version of the Bios.
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    Jul 23, 2008
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    Jul 23, 2008
    As had others before you...

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    Yes the Intel SLP Tools works.
    But you might want to modify the BIOS using the Intel Integrator Toolkit to restore the board info, otherwise an ugly _OEM_ _ASUS_ (Depending on which SLIC you used) will appear in the Windows 7 Motherboard Info.