Award BIOS: Garbage data

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    May 25, 2010
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    These are my BIOS roms:
    Gigabyte EP45-UD3P -- AWARD BIOS -- CBROM 182:

      0. System BIOS       20000h(128.00K)  141E5h(80.47K)  EP45UD3P.BIN
      1. XGROUP CODE       0E7A0h(57.91K)   09F67h(39.85K)  awardext.rom
      2. ACPI table        052A5h(20.66K)   01B56h(6.83K)   ACPITBL.BIN
      3. EPA LOGO          0168Ch(5.64K)    0030Dh(0.76K)   AwardBmp.bmp
      4. GROUP ROM[18]     048F0h(18.23K)   030A2h(12.16K)  ggroup.bin
      5. GROUP ROM[20]     03100h(12.25K)   0241Fh(9.03K)   ffgroup.bin
      6. Other(40CA:0000)  00430h(1.05K)    00347h(0.82K)   y2group.bin
      7. YGROUP ROM        0EEC0h(59.69K)   08808h(34.01K)  awardeyt.rom
      8. GROUP ROM[22]     0F630h(61.55K)   01616h(5.52K)   tgroup.bin
      9. GROUP ROM[23]     0F630h(61.55K)   02BAAh(10.92K)  t1group.bin
     10. GROUP ROM[24]     0F630h(61.55K)   01118h(4.27K)   t2group.bin
     11. GROUP ROM[ 0]     08F60h(35.84K)   03246h(12.57K)  _EN_CODE.BIN
     12. MINIT             13AC0h(78.69K)   13AF4h(78.74K)  DS3_DDR2.BIN
     13. PCI ROM[A]        04000h(16.00K)   02B4Bh(10.82K)  ICHAAHCI.BIN
     14. PCI ROM        10000h(64.00K)   09E3Eh(39.56K)  ICHARAID.BIN
     15. PCI ROM[C]        07C00h(31.00K)   045B6h(17.43K)  jmb10678.bin
     16. LOGO1 ROM         00B64h(2.85K)    00520h(1.28K)   dbios.bmp
     17. LOGO BitMap       4B30Ch(300.76K)  134B5h(77.18K)  ud3.bmp
     18. OEM5 CODE         01132h(4.30K)    009B0h(2.42K)   TPMMPDRV.ROM
     19. GROUP ROM[21]     00050h(0.08K)    00078h(0.12K)   TCGSMI32.BIN
     20. GV3                0234Dh(8.83K)   00C31h(3.05K)   PPMINIT.ROM
     21. OEM0 CODE         030C6h(12.19K)   02339h(8.81K)   SBF.BIN
     22. NoCompress ROM    11000h(68.00K)   1102Eh(68.04K)  UTS64K.BIN
     23. PCI ROM[D]        10000h(64.00K)   093C6h(36.94K)  RTEGROM.LOM
    (SP) NCPUCODE          20801h(130.00K)  20801h(130.00K) NCPUCODE.BIN

    I would like to release the ACPITBL, and re-insert ACPITBL to the end. I think this will be a problem for the sensitive modules.
    Is there a way to add a BIN file with garbage data that match original ACPITBL.BIN size?

    I heard some people use SLIC (or something similar), but I don't use windows. I don't really want to fill my BIOS with MS stuff.
    Is it possible to add a BIN file that is filled with zeros? I would be grateful for any help!
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    May 25, 2010
    Can I create a dummy module and insert it with the same zise as ACPITBL ? I hope someone can help me, please!