Backup Phoenix BIOS without having a BIOS file?

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    Why does WinPhlash need a BIOS file before it can create a backup?

    MPC T2500, already has the last BIOS released. The available download for the last version is an EXE which does not extract a BIOS file anywhere that I can find. It creates an empty directory in temp and puts a 64K DLL in temp too. (Already checked, it is a DLL, not BIOS file in disguise.) Quits with an error, most likely due to the new and existing being the same version.

    It's SLIC 2.0, I want to mod it to SLIC 2.1 (MPC went out of business before Win 7 was released) but can't get my digits on a copy of the BIOS. I can mod it myself, have done it before, just need the bleeping BIOS file to work with.

    The laptop is actually a Samsung. SLIC Toolkit shows the Samsung name in the BIOS. AFAIK, Micron, Micron PC and MPC laptops were all re-dressed Samsungs. Odd thing is, the multi-OEM Win 7 I installed IDed it as an Acer.
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    -The *.rom file is usually the pure bios data
    -The *.wph file contains the rom data plus the platform.bin appended to the end.

    You actually need the platform.bin, which contains flash instructions for winphlash in order to REFLASH the mod, but not to backup the BIOS. To backup the BIOS you simply can make a memory dump: BIOSes start at address FFFFFFFF-size of BIOS ROM +1 (a 4 MByte EFI / BIOS would start at FFC00000 at least at classic 32 bit memory addressing....)

    The EXE must contain the full flashable BIOS, can you post a link to the exe? I guess it can be cut with an hexeditor, be modified and reinserted...
    BTW: I had a look @ my tools collection and have found this tool: Samsung Module Extractor.exe

    Maybe it works for you in a way...
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