Backup Phoenix BIOS without having a BIOS file?

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    Why does WinPhlash need a BIOS file before it can create a backup?

    MPC T2500, already has the last BIOS released. The available download for the last version is an EXE which does not extract a BIOS file anywhere that I can find. It creates an empty directory in temp and puts a 64K DLL in temp too. (Already checked, it is a DLL, not BIOS file in disguise.) Quits with an error, most likely due to the new and existing being the same version.

    It's SLIC 2.0, I want to mod it to SLIC 2.1 (MPC went out of business before Win 7 was released) but can't get my digits on a copy of the BIOS. I can mod it myself, have done it before, just need the bleeping BIOS file to work with.

    The laptop is actually a Samsung. SLIC Toolkit shows the Samsung name in the BIOS. AFAIK, Micron, Micron PC and MPC laptops were all re-dressed Samsungs. Odd thing is, the multi-OEM Win 7 I installed IDed it as an Acer.
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