Bad flash BIOS Asus G51JX, I need backup BIOS for 4 megabytes EEPROM (Binary copy)

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    Apr 17, 2011
    I'm sorry if I put the wrong topic. In addition, thank you for your patience with my poor English.

    Hi, friend failed to flash the BIOS on ASUS G51JX. He brought me a notebook for BIOS programmer. With enthusiasm, I took a programmer for SPI EEPROM devices. Buhužel I discovered that space is 4 megabytes In support of ASUS BIOS only have 2 megabytes Nevertheless, I made ​​a flash BIOS. Unfortunately, laptop still does not work. I think that in EEprom for example, still has to be the BIOS for the GPU. I would ask you whether you would someone not able to obtain a binary copy of the EEPROM 4 megabytes Get the binary EEPROM example, you can use Universal BIOS Backup Toolkit. Thank you for your time, I'll be delighted at what the answers herein.