Bad Modules Checksum

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    Nov 22, 2009
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    The new BIOS for the ECS A780GM-A Ultra will not install using afudos.exe. Afudos reports that although the bootblock checksum is ok, the modules checksum is bad.

    The BIOS is available at www ecsusa com /ECSWebSite/Downloads/DownloadFile.aspx?catid=1&driverid=4324&areaid=1&LanID=9.

    Maybe someone could take a look at it and possibly fix it. Otherwise I could use some pointers on how to proceed. I have mmtool.exe, amibcp.exe, etc. that I downloaded from links I found on Rebels Haven.

    Ecsusa seems to have a problem right now. Try instead www ecs com tw/ECSWebSite/Downloads/DownloadFile.aspx?catid=1&driverid=4324&areaid=1&LanID=9