[Batch] Pack, send to dropbox and get link.

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    Hello mates!

    I have created a simple batch scrpit which Pack (using 7-zip) directly to DB public folder and copy to clipboard public link of file or folder dropped on it (can be used in SendTo menu)

    Dropbox (running to sync immediately)

    @echo off
    set dbid=
    set dropbox=%systemdrive%\users\%username%\dropbox\public
    set dropfile=%~n1
    "%programfiles%\7-zip\7z.exe" a "%dropbox%\%dropfile%.7z" ""%*""
    echo http://dl.dropbox.com/u/%dbid%/%dropfile%.7z |clip
    1. Copy above code
    2. Paste it in notepad
    3. Get the DropBox ID code. (just "copy public link", take numbers which are replaced by "X" in following template: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/XXXXXXXX/public.file and paste it next to dbid=
    4. Change paths if You have any element somewhere else than it's "standard" location
    5. Save with any name You want and .bat or .cmd file extension
    6. You can move saved script to "Send to" to get easy and fast acces to it

    7-zip pack it with "Ultra" compression to 7z format, You can modify commandline options to make it save in other compression levels and to other formats.
    Here you can find good reference to 7-zip commandline options

    26.04.2012 /2 - multiple files / folders could be added at once, archive name will be the same as current highlighted file.
    Changes in script code: end of line 4: ""%1"" changes to ""%*""
    26.04.2012 - Initial "release"

    That's it!

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    @edit (29 April 2012)
    Code for just copy file (without packing) and get public link is (it'll copy public link of currently "marked" file)
    @echo off
    set dbid=
    set dropbox=%systemdrive%\users\%username%\dropbox\public
    set dropfile=%~n1%~x1
    copy "%*" "%dropbox%"
    echo http://dl.dropbox.com/u/%dbid%/%dropfile% |clip
    Hit thanks button if You find it useful :)

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    thanks. Little scripts like this automate the mundane and you never appreciate them until you are away from your PC and have to do it elsewhere.

    6. You can move saved script to "Send to" to get easy and fast acces to it
    where do you do that? I have used .reg entries in the past to accomplish this but is it as simple as placing the cmd script in a certain directory for it to display in the send to context menu?