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    Hi, what do you use for playing DVDs in latest windows 10 current build up-to-date , I've used VLC till now, but now it stutters playing DVDs, I can't control any buttons, functions, etc, when opened a DVD in latest build, used in current release branch build up to date (April) of Windows . PowerDVD I've last used latest version in 2012, but back then itself, very bloated, very processes, CPU, resources hogging, is powerDVD same or more horrifying bloatware as thent despite it's various features? I want to play DVDs smoothly in a simple player which has simple attractive UI, least features like VLC or powerDVD. Edit:I used KCP (MPC + madVR) it worked like charm, but it's controls are kinda annoying, as well as can't resume incase abruptly interrupted, as well as can't move playback slider