Best method to deploy mult os (winpe /Bootable is)

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    Currently I am using Bootable winpe external USB hard drive and custom wim files (win7 /8/server 2012 both versions) (custom made wim with all updates, application,)

    By using Dism /Apply-image I usually install os based on users needs

    1)I would like to know is there any other better method (wds not possible) (Need unique sid)

    2)Also is it OK to integrate Antivirus software (not part of domain) (so after trial expire users can purchase paid version

    3)i find some old pc's have issues booting from winpe x 64 (those pc doesn't support win 8.1x64 (but support win7 x64)

    @mods - sorry I can't find correct place to post, kindly move the thread if needed instead of deleting
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    Only solution for those old machines (at least for me so far) was to use a Win8PESE on them instead my usual Win8.1SE.

    As there isn't any better than dism you can check out some more comfort/automatization (made by murphy78): DiskPart-Apply-WinPE script
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