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    I did a clean reformat, reinstall, etc. of Vista the other day, including TimerStop ... and then SP1. At first it appeared to work, so went ahead and did all the other updates since then. Now am beginning to see that it did not work, as evidenced by the notice of '23 days left'.

    So, not being an expert in all the functions of modifying BIOS, etc. ... and not really wanting to alter the factory version, am back to trying to decipher which version of the ones posted on My Digital, to delay Vista becoming unusable, is the best for a simpleton mind.

    Which method is the concensus? If Timerstop, that is OK since I have it downloaded and saved, and am familiar with it. But if others feel another version is more stable, etc., appreciate the input.

    Secondly, have now added SP1 to my short list of updates to not download and install ... along with #940510 and 931573.

    Which other ones should a novice avoid?

    FYI ... I practice the process of reformatting and reinstallation every now and then ... usually 6 months or so.

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