Best Twitter App for Android? ...with a catch

Discussion in 'Mobile and Portable' started by Cripple.Zero, Apr 21, 2017.

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    Jun 7, 2016
    What is it? I'm finding all sorts of sites listing 'top 10', 'top 5' and even 'top 18' and each one has variances between what they believe is the best Twitter app - both free and paid.

    I have, for the record, been leaning towards Fenix and am willing to pay the $3.49 USD to purchase it (thank you Google Rewards!). However, I am not sure it will fully fit my specific need. While waiting to make this decision, I am currently using TweetCaster (free), as it's served my basic needs in the past.

    The specific option I am looking for is in relation to having a shared account. My wife, kids, and I share one account. I would like to know if any app out there can filter out what I don't want to see in my feed, without actually removing it from the account - in other words, filter/hide it at the client/device level and not remove it from the account itself. Like, my wife follows some of her favorite actors from (now completed) Vampire Diaries and (the ongoing show) The Originals, while my kids follow things from Lego, Pokemon and Nickelodeon. Personally, I just want to have my own 'follows' show up without all of that.

    Does anyone know of an app (paid or free) that can handle that request?