Bios Mod Project Hp DL145 G3 - Accept Shanghai Core Opterons +

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    Aug 31, 2010
    Ive been making my rounds the net with this. Gotten some help and tutorials along the way. I have created some test bios's that I flashed without any luck with posting with the Shanghai in question.

    HPDL145 G3 Bios Project


    1.Have the HP DL145 G3 Support Shanghai (4 Core/ 6400) if not Istanbul cores (6 core / 6400). Uses the Serverworks/Broadcom HT1000/HT2100 chipset.

    2. (Non critical). Enable Amd-V support. Possibly main goal will already do. Or below:
    "The magic CMOS register is 02E5. Set it to 1 (value in SYMCMOS is actually 0001) and perform a hardware reset and AMD-V is fully functioning."

    Now I have gotten as far as in one version inserting the micro code updates for cpus. In another totally replacing the cpu update module in the Phoenix bios with one from another socket f with most recent AGESA and micro codes. They all post with current CPU and fail with new. In theory hardware should be capable.

    The last portion that has not been investigated is hex integrating not only the micro code but the AGESA and ACPI from a Tyan motherboard with same chipset that does support.

    This is much more complicated and prone to errors for someone inexperienced as me. As such hoping for some help on this. I have gotten the modules for these out of the Tyan but since it uses AMI and the HP uses Phoenix. They will need to be hexed together and/or split.

    Here is a link to all the rom files I have been working with so you can see yourself. There is a readme included to help understand the folders and what is what.

    Since I'm new I had to make made the below non url linked. Copy paste into your address bar.