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    I hope I don't get flamed for asking this...

    I have a HP 4T-1200 CTO Ultrabook with a InsydeH20 BIOS rev. F.25.

    Would another model of HP or other brand laptop with a InsydeH20 with a F.25 BIOS be the same?

    Also has anyone have experience with the above HP Ultrabook as far as BIOS goes? I know it has a hidden menu that I cant get to. Also I think it has a whitelist as well...

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    Insyde is the bios vendor, H2O is the name of their UEFI implementation. HP simply use the technology & modifies it to suit their needs. There are other OEMs (Dell, Toshiba, Lenovo, Acer etc.) who use Insyde bios, but each one is different. Also F.XX version naming convention is only used by HP.

    The latest bios for your laptop is:
    As you see here, most of the ENVY 4 & 6 series laptops use this bios.

    Like any other HP bios, it is RSA signed, contains whitelist & locked tabs.
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    Jun 16, 2014
    Now what I wanna know is how to access the Advanced menu and see and possibly eliminate the white list