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    Hello, my friend bricked her laptop recently, I am not sure how but it is corrupt. I know the BIOS is corrupted because HP laptops flash the CAPS LOCK and the NUM LOCK lights when their is an issue that causes the PC to not function and enter Windows. The lights flashed twice, thus, on the HP support site, it states that the BIOS is corrupt. I have tried oh so many methods to recover and fix the BIOS. I have spent two days trying to fix it and I am on the brink of soldering a Wii BIOS to the motherboard. I am not sure why it does not work, but here are the details:
    • Holding win+B restarts the laptop after 10-20 seconds and reboots 5 seconds after turning off.
    • Trying various methods, the laptop beeps once before restarting exactly like the point above.
    • After trying the phoenixtool, the laptop beeps twice before doing what the first point states.

    Here is what I have tried to no avail:
    • Phoenix Tool method
      • It gives me the name to rename the BIOS to recovery mode, but it does not work.
    • HP_Tools solution
      • The problem with this solution is that it just outright does not work, I have tried to put the BIOS file in the BIOS/Update folder with no success.
    • HP USB DISK STORAGE method
      • Does not work
    • Phoenix Crisis Method
      • The problem with this method is that the laptop reads the USB but the laptop restarts when the USB is in the middle of reading it, plus, I am not sure if the .fd file is the BIOS, I guessed it was after reading some posts. I have tried all of the PHLASH versions from 2002+
    • Normal winkey+B key
    • Taking out BIOS battery
    • Switching RAM
    • Taking out Harddrive
    • Holding 4 arrow keys to force BIOS recovery

    • HP G61-423ca
    • BIOS: Insyde Flash
    • VLG USB 16GB

    People recommend to use a USB Floppy to recover, but I do not have one nor do I want one.

    Please help me, I am going to give up. :worthy:
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